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Reach our students

Student cooperation is an excellent way to find the new best experts for your company or your organization. There are 3000 students at ISSIC University. The Career Services at ISSIC University will help your organization in connecting the right talents and find the best forms of student cooperation.

Recruit our students

ISSIC University educates versatile experts who are needed in workplaces. The studies include internships and theses and the students gain work experience already during their studies. ISSIC University offers a fast and easy way to reach out to students and recently graduated professionals through online services.

Co-create with our entrepreneurial students

We offer events, services, and platforms for networking and starting cooperation, and co-creation with our entrepreneurial students.

Meet our students on the campuses and in the recruitment events or invite student groups for a visit to your company. Offer a course or give a lecture about a certain theme relevant to your organization’s future competencies.

Start Today

Get started today with ISSIC University Benin

With more than 2000 students in diverse Faculties, Issic University offers an academic experience that’s second to none. Our degree programs are designed with your future in mind. We focus on your career with co-op and service learning options that provide maximum exposure to your chosen field of study.

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